The Teaching Profession

Alberta’s education system is globally recognised as one of the best education systems in the world and Alberta’s teaching profession is committed to high quality education that focuses on the interests of students. A key feature of our system is a culture of professionalism, collegiality and collaboration that is woven throughout the teaching profession and the education system.

A number of government laws, regulations and policies have a direct impact on how the work of teachers is governed and organized. These policies have an impact on teacher efficacy and the culture of relationships in schools. They have a significant impact on student learning.

They might relate to:

  • Teacher education
  • Teacher certification and standards
  • Professional development
  • Growth, supervision and evaluation
  • Standards for qualification
  • Teacher time and autonomy

What policy or regulatory changes do candidates for office recommend or support for improving teacher efficacy? How would their government support the important work of teachers in student learning?