Questions for candidates

Here are some questions about education that you can ask candidates in the provincial election when they come to your door:

  1. Class size
    • How will you ensure that class sizes will be kept low in order to support optimal conditions for student learning?
  2. Support for students with special needs
    • How will you ensure that the supports and services required by Alberta’s diverse learners including English language learners and students with special needs are available?
  3. Full day and junior kindergarten
    • How will you ensure all students have access to fully-funded full-day and junior kindergarten programs?
  4. Mental health and counselling supports
    • How will you ensure all students have access to a teacher-certificated school counsellor in their school?
  5. Stable, predictable and adequate education funding
    • How will you ensure that schools are adequately resourced and students are appropriately supported?
    • How will you ensure that education funding is supported by stable sources of government revenue?
  6. Safe spaces
    • What ideas do you have for ensuring schools are safe and welcoming spaces for all students?
  7. Curriculum and testing
    • What are your views of the current curriculum renewal and the role of teachers in it?
    • What are your views on the appropriate roles for government and teachers in student assessment and testing?