Education News from the campaign trail

'We’ve heard concerns': UCP pauses plan to make high school diploma exams worth 50 per cent

The United Conservative Party is reconsidering two of its education platform planks calling for an increased emphasis on standardized testing after voters voiced concerns.

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Alberta leaders debate social issues and gay-straight alliances

Alberta political party leaders debate social issues and, more specifically, gay-straight alliances in Alberta schools.

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Alberta election shows the threat to public education in Canada

From a global perspective, education in Canada is a great success story. Vibrant schools are offering quality education and Canadian schools are well-resourced when compared to many other jurisdictions around the world.

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Banff-Kananaskis candidates say safe spaces a priority for students

As candidates for Banff-Kananaskis gear up for the April 16 provincial election, educational priorities for the Bow Valley, including creating safe spaces for students, is at the top of their priority lists.

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ATA responds to all party education platforms

The Alberta Teachers Association has reviewed the education platforms of the NDP, the Alberta Party and the Alberta Liberals.

The association, which represents teachers throughout the province, says they have reviewed the platforms of other parties, one week after they responded to the United Conservative Party’s platform.

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Public school trustees hope candidates can pass the test

Now that Alberta is in the midst of a provincial election campaign, we would like to share our three-point wish list for K-12 public education in Alberta.

Elections mean lots of promises and funding announcements, and K-12 education is no different.

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Week 2 Candidate Q & A: innovation and education

In the lead up to the April 16 provincial election, the Cochrane Eagle is running a weekly Q & A with candidates vying to become the MLA for the Airdrie-Cochrane riding.

This week all five candidates weigh in on how an elected representative would foster innovation and their party's education platforms

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Trustees support curriculum rewrite

If there is a change of government after the upcoming election, representatives from St. Albert's public and Catholic school boards say they want the curriculum rewrite to continue.

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Candidate Q & A - Curriculum Rewrite

Over the past several years, Alberta Education has been undertaking a complete curriculum rewrite. This is the first time the curriculum has seen a complete overhaul. Right now, parts of the current curriculum range in age from eight to approximately 30 years old.

The St. Albert Gazette asked the 18 St. Albert-area candidates running in the upcoming provincial election to talk to us about what they would like done with the curriculum rewrite. Each candidate was given a 150-word limit.

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Candidates outline views on GSAs

Candidates seeking election in the two Mountain View County-area constituencies have outlined some of their views on the future of gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in Alberta schools.

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