Education News from the campaign trail

Alberta teachers push for education as an election issue

Teachers are in Calgary for an annual convention and one of the top items on the agenda is a push to put education up as an election issue.

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Packed like sardines: Alberta teachers asking for classroom size support

The Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) is taking a creative approach to a serious concern facing Alberta teachers: the size of classes. Before the provincial election is even called, the association has decided its election activity would focus on the issue and ensure public education is addressed before Albertans head to the polls.

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Alberta teachers create 400K sardine can postcards to stress issue of class size

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is using an unconventional campaign to draw attention to crowded classrooms ahead of the provincial election. Teachers will be distributing 400,000 postcards — that look like sardine cans with kids in them — across the province to highlight the issue of class size.

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ATA brings can of sardines to advertising campaign

Listen to how Alberta teachers are using canned sardines to highlight what they think is the most important issue in 2019 provincial election.

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Kenney defends proposed government spending freeze under UCP

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney defended a proposal to freeze government spending until the budget was balanced, days after Premier Rachel Notley suggested it would lead to Ralph Klein-style cuts.

Kenney referenced the "Alberta advantage" in a speech to the Alberta Council of Technology in Edmonton on Saturday, a callback to the phrase popularized by the former premier in the 1990s.


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Teachers' association to max out election advertisement spending

The Alberta Teachers' Association plans to spend the maximum amount legally allowed to make K-12 education a provincial election issue this spring.

According to Elections Alberta’s most recent listing of provincial election third-party advertisers, the association has declared $270,000 ready to spend on ads since it registered two weeks ago. It’s the first time the association has registered as a third-party advertiser.

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Edmonton public school board chairwoman wants provincial election voters to question candidates on education

Edmonton public school board chairwoman sat down with Postmedia to reflect on 2018 and discuss the challenges ahead — including an anticipated spring provincial election.

Edmonton’s public school system is larger than ever, surpassing the 100,000-student count this past fall. While school trustees are often delighted by growth, they grapple with where to put all the students and ensure equity regardless of where a child attends school.

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